Della Ferguson  President from 2023
I want to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve you as the 12th President. I have big presidential shoes to fill in past president Eric. One of my goals as President is to visit convenors and festivals throughout North America.
A bit of background of myself, I was born in London, Ontario in Canada, and grew up between Ailsa Craig and New Dundee. I live in Kitchener, Ontario with my daughter and have worked for BlackBerry for ~20 years. In December, I finished ~6 years as Treasurer on the condominium board for the building I live in.

A bit of my ancestry history, my 6th paternal grandfather left Scotland in the 1660s and moved to Ireland. I have not seen any records about where my Fergusons lived in Scotland. My 3rd great parents (Henry & Jane Ferguson) and family came from the Scrabby Parish in County Cavan, Ireland in 1825 and settled in London Township. The oldest son (John) came to Canada in 1919 and returned to County Cavan to bring his parents and siblings in ~1825. The family went to Col Talbot with a letter of introduction, and Col Talbot granted them ~700 acres of land in London Township. The land was split among the parents and five brothers. My 2nd great parents (Richard Thomas & Margaret Ferguson) had a family of 10 kids. My great-parents (Edward James & Maria (Stone) Ferguson) had a family of ten kids,
of which one was my grandfather’s stillborn twin. My grandparents (Albert & Minnie (Steele) Ferguson) had a family of 3 boys, of which my dad was the middle son. My dad (Howard Ferguson) was born in London Township, Middlesex County, Ontario in 1933. He had a family of 2 kids (Robert Kenneth and me). My dad was hired for different types of farms (mink, swine, and dairy) when he was 17 years old. My dad’s maternal Fergusons came to Canada from the US. It’s possible that they came from England to the US. There are Fergusons on my mother’s paternal side, but they married into the family.
Immediate Past President
Eric Clay Ferguson  President from 2018 - 2022
Pictured is President Eric C. Ferguson with the Her Majesty Royal Marine Band and Scottish Guard in 2018
Chev. Eric Clay Ferguson, KOOSJ, SKTpl, was the 11th President of Clan Ferguson Society of North American. He was first elected in 2018 and reelected in 2020. Eric took the office after the retirement of Billy J Ferguson,  Past President. Prior to being President, he served as Region 3 Vice President and Senior Vice President and continues to be the BEELINE editor.