Welcome to Clan Fergusson Society of North America
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Sir Adam Fergusson 10th BT Chief of the name Fergusson
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Arms of the Chiefs
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Stone Mountain Festival Georgia 2017
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Andrew Meeks of Clan Fergusson leads parade of tartan colors Grandfather Mountain HG 2015
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AGM Banquent 2019 Stone Mountain Georgia
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King Fergus ALBA
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Honor Clan Mid-Maryland Festival
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Garrett Celtic Fest Ferguson tent with Ferguson tartan band 2017 RVP3 David and Buck Ferguson

2023 AGM / Banquet Information

The 2023 year will be the start of the 51st year of CFSNA.  And we will start with a bang!  Our 2023 Annual Grand Meeting will be held on August 12 at Fergus Scottish Festival in Fergus Ontario Canada.  Our Clan Chief Sir Adam Fergusson is planning to be with us. Please join us in a AGM and Banquet. Please contact our new President Della Ferguson at email sw_ont_cfsna@rogers.com
Check often the Fergus Scottish Festival website as they post new information for ticketing, camping space, event schedules,etc. Visit https://fergusscottishfestival.com/