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Clan Fergusson Society of North America Scottish Cultural Scholarship


Application Instructions

  • This Scholarship may be awarded on an annual basis, depending upon finding a suitable applicant and the availability of finances. Past awards have varied from $200 to $500 but are not limited to these amounts. The award will be made to anyone twelve years of age or older and is open to the study/participation of the arts (dance & music are included.)

  • The grants are for use for payment of fees for any lectures, course of study, or seminars on Scottish culture such as dance, bagpipe, history, language, customs, society, clans, clothing, theatre, or societal affairs.

  • Applications for the scholarship may be submitted at any time throughout the year. A decision regarding granting the scholarship will be made by April 1.
  1. To apply for the scholarship complete the application form.*

  2. If you are a Fergusson descendant (any spelling), enclose your Fergusson genealogy. Being a Fergusson descendant is not a requirement.

  3. If you are awarded the scholarship, we ask that you submit a picture and a short biography (200 words or less) for use in an article about the award in our newsletter. Upon completion of your studies, we would like a report of your activities and your intended use of your studies for the newsletter.

  4. Feel free to include with your application any information that will help the Scholarship Committee know you and your interests.

  5. Submit your application to the President of the Scholarship Committee.

    The current President is: Della Ferguson




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Scholarship Committee


Della Ferguson