Objectives of the Society

To cultivate a spirit of kinship among clansfolk throughout Canada and the United States and with members of the Clan in Scotland and elsewhere in the world.

To render aid to clanfolk should they meet with adversity.

To honor our heritage and to inspire among our members and descendants the pride and spirit of our Celtic ancestors, both Scottish and Irish, and to perpetuate for the present and future of these traditions, values, qualities and attitudes from the past which have proved to be of sound social benefit.

To collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the history of the Clan.


AGM & Banquet Info

The 2023 AGM (Annual Grand Meeting) will be held  August 12 at the Fergus Scottish Festival, in Fergus Ontario Canada. For Americans and other countries you will need a passport to enter the Canadian border.
Join us as Sir Adam Fergusson will be attending. This is your opportunity to meet and greet our Fergusson Clan Chief.
Some notes from our new President Della Ferguson
1. Being held Saturday, August 12, 2023 at University of Guelph Arboretum.  We will have outdoor and indoor space to use.  The outdoor space isn't licensed, if alcohol is present at the function.
2. AGM & Banquet will be held at the Arboretum.  This will avoid being interrupted during the festival
3. Based on our discussion on Sunday, alcohol isn't required but I'll have to find out about haggis.  Do we just need just 1 haggis or ??
4. If we have the caterer drop off the food, alcohol can't be served and we won't need wait staff, which will cut down on costs
5. We'll need to start RSVPing to collect the # of headcount for the caterer.
6. I've asked Ian Fleming (Ottawa) to be the bagpiper.
7. I'll need to talk to my insurance providers about getting insurance payable to the Arboretum for the day.
8. I know that Eric has mentioned about getting Sir Adam a small token and some flowers or such for Jenny (Sir Adam's wife)
I'll take these notes and create a document for the BeeLine but these are just my thoughts down in written form.  Please let me know if there's something that you feel I am forgetting.
Dee Ferguson 
CFSNA President,
Kitchener, Ontario
You can buy tickets online when it is announced on their website at: